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Friday, October 10, 2014

My Dear Jane Blocks

Here are all my Dear Jane blocks.  There's quite a mixture here so it's definitely going to make an interesting quilt.  Any Dear Jane expert will see the 3 blocks that aren't Dear Jane.  That's why I'm calling this quilt, Almost Dear Jane.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My "Almost Jane" Quilt

I made an exciting discovery today.  I pulled out all the Dear Jane blocks I made a few years ago and there are 63 of them.  So I'm thinking that I'll combine them with the small blocks I'm doing now and make my own version of a Jane quilt.  

I originally planned on making 3 separate Janes: one with a black background and Asian fabrics, one with repro 30's and white background, and one scrap. Because I was making 3 separate quilts, many of my blocks are duplicates but I don't think it will be that noticeable and I think mixing in the Asian blocks with the rest will give it a nice punch of color.  I want to make the triangle border and corner kites like on the Jane quilt because I really like that.  I'm going to make it small around 54" square before the borders.  This way I'll use up the Jane blocks I've already made and will get my Jane fix without making the entire quilt.  

I was looking over the blocks I made many years ago and they're not that bad.  The applique was before I learned about backbasting so they were a little harder for me to do.  I did all the paper pieced blocks by hand which was really hard but they look halfway decent.  So all in all, they look good enough to continue on.  

I think I'll group my black blocks together to make a center medallion and then I can add black to the border; maybe for the solid triangles.  

One thing I've learned is that if I get tired of making a difficult or intricate quilt, just continue on but make it smaller.  And it's okay to change the original pattern to suit your needs or skill level.  It's so much fun to be excited over a project again.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Botanika #4 Finished

I finished my 4th Botanika block last night.  I wasn't a bit happy with the upper part of the stem that went into the bottom of the flower.  It was crooked and the flower wasn't symmetrical on the stem.  Robyn Pandolph's pattern is beautiful but whoever drew them out for her was very sloppy and I'm having problems with each pattern.  I had to rework the bottom of the vase but I did catch that as I was working on it.  So I ripped out the top of the stem and bottom of the flower and reworked them.  It still doesn't look great but it will have to do.  I also had to redesign the handles on the vase as they weren't finished on the pattern so I just made up something and it worked out nice. 

I also did some hand piecing and here's a little practice block I finished last week.  I enjoy hand piecing so this was a nice break for me.  I'm working on a quilt with all hand pieced, paper pieced and applique blocks.  They're only 4.5 finished blocks and I may incorporate some of my finished Dear Jane blocks in the quilt as I don't seem inclined to finish the Jane quilt.  Here's a picture of my little block.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Little Tin Sewing Box

I made something today that I thought I'd share.  I saw another one online that someone made and decided I had to have one too.  Luckily we had this little vintage cigar tin laying around the house and it was perfect for what I wanted. 

So I thought I would share a few notes in case anyone wants to make one.  First, the tin is very flimsy and bends easily so I had to be very careful.  The tin measures 5" x 3 1/2". I cut out batting and fabric with pinking sheers and glued them in both the lid and bottom with Aileen's craft glue.  I then trimmed the edges by gluing down coordinating ribbon.  I also glued a ribbon with a button on top of it for stability in the lid and this is to tie down my small embroidery scissors.  I sewed a heart pin cushion with the wrong sides together, cut the edges with pinking sheers then cut a slit in the back to stuff it.  I glued this to the inside of the lid near the top so the lid would close easily.

I wanted to make the outside a little fancy so I glued down a yo yo on the lid with a decorative button.  The only thing I sewed on this project was the pin cushion and small needle book. 

You can see all the stuff I have in it and if I leave out one spool, the safety pins and buttons I can carry small fabric pieces to hand piece.  

I really enjoyed making this and plan on making a few more. I'll keep one in my purse and one in the RV.  

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